Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Studio

Working in the studio, I decided to take some pictures of my studio, (that I love by the way). My studio isn't fancy, sometimes its not even warm, but I love it. I have all my stuff (or most of it, maybe 1/2 of it) out where I can see what I have. I don't have carpet or fancy, matching furniture, but I do have all the things that inspire me, consuming 3/4's of the basement (and expanding). I don't worry if I get paint on the floor or ceiling or walls. its all good. I would like to stain the cement floors with diffrent colors of stains one of these days, a small area at a time, with all my stuff it would be a huge undertaking to move everything to do the whole thing at one time - Can't even think about it without getting a migrane twinge!!
this is the painting, glueing, creative mess making area.

This is my fabric, design area.

My design area for my fiber art.

This is my fabric design area looking toward my painting, collage area.

My collage, painting area.

Thats it, my studio in all its messy glory. Creativity is messy, I am very creative as you can see. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WOW! 2015 already!!

Where did 2014 go? There are going to be a lot of changes in 2015, I can feel it.

1) My baby is graduating from high school, how the heck did that happen???

2) I am going to get serious about my art, so far on the right track. My Toucan was excepted in the "Road to California" show (pretty excited about that).

3) New hobby with hubby, joined the Harley family

4) I quit eating sugar and white stuff on Nov 3rd, lost 15 lbs so far, but I feel so much better, its crazy what carbs do to your body.

These are not resolutions, just things on my to do list.

I am loving my new collage hobby, painting and making a mess on canvas. After taking Kelly Rae Roberts on-line class, I'm pretty obsessed with it and love working it into my art quilts.

Happy New Year Everyone, Hope all your dreams come true this year!! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I do believe this Hawk is dining on the Bunny that used my flower garden as his salad bar. Let that be a lesson to you bad bunnies, eating my flowers and teasing Gracie!

nom, nom, nom

I had a showing of my work last Saturday at "Dingman's Collision Shop" in Papillion. Was pretty slow, probably due to the Nebraska Game being on. But don't fret, the first Saturday of the month is the on going Art show, so you can still stop by. Several artists display their work, and visit with customers and each other. Coming up on the 18th of Sept is the "Sip & Walk" in Papio and the "Art Stroll" on the 27th, bands, food trucks, wine bar, fun, fun, fun.
Gracie got the cutest hair cut this week, best one she has had. It doesn't hurt that she's as cute as a button!!
Hope everyone gets to spend at least 1 hour a day doing what you love!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I have been working on some new pieces. Trying to use some colors together that I'm not usually drawn to.

I am useing Dick Blick's Gallery panels, I like the finished look without having to frame them, but they still look professional. All stocked up on Golden Gel medium for the fun to begin.

Started with some cheery colors, did a few drippies and smooshies.

Couldn't decide on colors so I just used them all on the smaller canvas. I get a little impatient waiting for stuff to dry so out comes the heat gun.

This is the largest one, 16"x 16", liking the red with small hints of the other colors. Reminds me of the circus.

I've added some ephemra, old letters, stamps, photos, ticket stubs. 

This one is going to be Troy's Father's Day gift, that is a picture of his dad in the center. I don't really know what he liked to do so basically am winging it.
I like my work to have a little story, and that story can be whatever you the viewer want it to be.

Next step is to add some more texture with paint, stamps and whatever else I can find in stash.

after adding some paint, texture and color.

Have added my focal point, almost done!

Now that is a cute butterfly!


Finished pieces!, such a fun process!! The larger one that I was working on for Troy isn't working for me, so I need to add some more smooshies & drippies.

Thanx for joining me on my little collage journey. Hope you see something you like and want to try out. Keep on arting. I would love to hear your comments.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy Ass Nebraska Weather

Another mothers day, spent with family. Its always nice to see the boys and grandma & grandpa. I believe that mother nature has had it with us humans. Yesterday had Tornado warnings most of the day, it was so hot and humid had to turn the ac on last night, tonight had to turn the heater on temp is 46. This weather is just crazy. Troy and Brandon were at the bowling alley when the sirens went off last night, I don't do well during tornados, but I did get my studio straightened up with all my nervous energy. I made a little space for Gracie and I in the corner of the basement, had a Adirondack chair, small table, ipad,  phone & Gracie's hat box bed all cozy and safe, my total melt down was short lived no more then 10min. Did I mention I hate tornados?? We had an actual river running through our back yard, and our window well filled up with water and started leaking into my studio, PANIC!!

My tornado corner.

I'm thinking I need some sand and maybe paint a beach scene on the wall. If only I had 10 more hours in a day!
What projects are you working on? I decided to table my manatee for my next show and start over. Since it is due on May 26, I guess I will be working on that. Stay safe in this crazy menopausal weather.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wow, I believe I have lost my marbles!

Our MFAA Exhibit is due on May 26th, which wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't decided to scrap the piece I've been working on for the last 10 months. That leaves me 19 days to design, assemble and quilt a new piece. I  originally was planning on doing a manatee, but I am not liking it at the moment, and not sure what it needs, guess I will have to sit on it awhile, but don't have that much time. So starting from scratch.

Gracie has figured out how to get off the deck to chase the birds, so I am making her stay in the house and she is mad at me. She will jump up on my lap about every 15 minutes and try to lick me to death thinking that I will change my mind and let her out. She also had a bath tonight which she wasn't very thrilled about. 

"Pees, let me go outdoors to chase the birdies!!!"

"I know daddy would let me get them birdies if he was here!!!!" "and he wouldn't have made me take a bath and get rid of the stink I have been working so hard on perfecting"
Hope every one has a great rest of the week, going to be 90 here tomorrow - right into summer woohooo!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Waiting till the last minute

Am I the only one that waits till the last minute to get my entries into juried shows? Geesh, I have only had 1 yr to get my stuff finished and ready to go and I waited until last night to finish an edging and submit.

Last night at 8pm, finishing up one of my entries! But I did make the deadline which (pretty proud of myself) is tonight. I was a whole day ahead of time, that has to count as something, right?
Hope everyone has a good hump day, keep creating and adding color, texture and beauty to the world!