Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Studio

Working in the studio, I decided to take some pictures of my studio, (that I love by the way). My studio isn't fancy, sometimes its not even warm, but I love it. I have all my stuff (or most of it, maybe 1/2 of it) out where I can see what I have. I don't have carpet or fancy, matching furniture, but I do have all the things that inspire me, consuming 3/4's of the basement (and expanding). I don't worry if I get paint on the floor or ceiling or walls. its all good. I would like to stain the cement floors with diffrent colors of stains one of these days, a small area at a time, with all my stuff it would be a huge undertaking to move everything to do the whole thing at one time - Can't even think about it without getting a migrane twinge!!
this is the painting, glueing, creative mess making area.

This is my fabric, design area.

My design area for my fiber art.

This is my fabric design area looking toward my painting, collage area.

My collage, painting area.

Thats it, my studio in all its messy glory. Creativity is messy, I am very creative as you can see. 

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