Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What have I done? Who did that to my carpet?

I think maybe I had a moment of insanity or maybe it was clarity? not real sure yet. I signed up for "31 Days of Organizing" from Becky's blog Organizing Made Fun. Now I think I am having joiner's remorse, if there is such a thing. Knowing my track record with organizing and actually putting stuff away where it belongs.
Just a glimpse of my organizing skills! My follow through really sucks too, I do great for the first day, but after that I swiftly go downhill. Maybe by showing the world what my closet looks like, I will stay focused long enough to at least show a pic of the after???

Now of course I can't just sign up for 1 thing (I am a Gemini after-all) I also signed up for JoAnne Sharpe's Magical Marker Mystery Tour, which started Sept 24 (so I am already falling behind) I have done a couple other on-line classes that JoAnne has and they are really fun, she is a great teacher and you can access the videos and tutorials forever and the cost is only $38. Its like taking a class over and over or maybe even finishing it later when my closet is clean. JoAnn's Blog
I do have a ton of markers and paper so I thought it was  my duty to sign up and utilize my art tools :)

On a side note, I did get my carpet in the living room cleaned last night, not on the to do list but when B called me at work and said "there's been an incidence in the living room, not sure who did it and not sure which end it came from" I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I wanted to tell him, he needed to call his father because I had a late meeting until at least 7pm, but I did not, when I walked in the house I really wished I had.  I will not gross you out with details of the crime scene but I'm pretty sure this is the culpret
B and I spent 1 hour trying to get the Bissell carpet cleaner to work to no avail, so I called and told Troy he needed to get a carpet cleaner on his way home and I would be in my studio trying to get the sad state of my carpet out of my mind. Looking forward to a new day!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fabric Collage for Lauritzen Garden Exhibit

Had a very productive weekend. Worked on the background of my cactus and finally found a sky fabric that looks awesome. I will start quilting this week so I will have both done by the due date of Oct 15th. Troy and I went to Mahogany Prime Steak House for our 16th anniversay and they gave us 4 roses, such a nice touch for a special occasion.
Went to Mangelsen's to look for sky fabric and found fabric to make new christmas stockings and Troy found an aluminum christmas tree on ebay for 50 bucks and its here is Bellevue - Score!!


Gracie had her girley sx this week and she is doing great, wouldn't even know she had anything done, the scar is pretty much invisable all the stitches are on the inside - Good work Dr May!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My treasures

Here are our cool finds on day one. Back again tomorrow, I have to check out my Flea Market Style mag for ideas of things to look for tomorrow. Troy is going to make a dragon fly out of the old wrench and faucet knobs, just news to find some wings.

Junk bonanza

Great day of junkin at Junk Bonanza in Shakopee MN. I didn't realize that much junk existed!! A lady we were in line with said junkin started in this area so there are a lot of events during the year. There had to be 1000s of people there. Will post some pics of what I got in awhile

Monday, September 10, 2012

Awwwwwwe what a cutie

Gracie loves socks so I made one just for her, hopefully this will save some of our good ones. She has the cutest little face. Her potty training is going really well. She rings the bell when she has to go out unless she just wants to ring the bell for attention.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Finally Friday

I never thought this week would get over, it was the longest short week ever.  I have worked a couple times this week on my cactus, but I just wasn't feeling right somehow. Tonight I think I figured it out, its been too darkish so I began adding brighter greens and I think it is starting to come together. I feel much better about it now. I ripped most of the right side off and added lighter darks (if that makes any sense) and used some lighter mediums. Now I can start the weekend on a high note :)  May have to do some fabric shopping.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Cutie Patootie

My little Gracie is such a cutie, you just want to squeeze her. I can't even be upset when she wants to go outside to poo at 3:30am, as soon as she looks at me with those tiny black eyes and button nose I just melt!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Collages

I love working in my studio, doing fabric collage. I took Susan Carlson's 3 day class awhile back and now I am addicted. I have so many ideas and plans for the future. Now if I could just find the time. I did rearrange my studio to make it more efficient, but I do need to add some track lighting above my design wall. I am looking forward to the long weekend, spending time with my family and working in the studio.