Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What have I done? Who did that to my carpet?

I think maybe I had a moment of insanity or maybe it was clarity? not real sure yet. I signed up for "31 Days of Organizing" from Becky's blog Organizing Made Fun. Now I think I am having joiner's remorse, if there is such a thing. Knowing my track record with organizing and actually putting stuff away where it belongs.
Just a glimpse of my organizing skills! My follow through really sucks too, I do great for the first day, but after that I swiftly go downhill. Maybe by showing the world what my closet looks like, I will stay focused long enough to at least show a pic of the after???

Now of course I can't just sign up for 1 thing (I am a Gemini after-all) I also signed up for JoAnne Sharpe's Magical Marker Mystery Tour, which started Sept 24 (so I am already falling behind) I have done a couple other on-line classes that JoAnne has and they are really fun, she is a great teacher and you can access the videos and tutorials forever and the cost is only $38. Its like taking a class over and over or maybe even finishing it later when my closet is clean. JoAnn's Blog
I do have a ton of markers and paper so I thought it was  my duty to sign up and utilize my art tools :)

On a side note, I did get my carpet in the living room cleaned last night, not on the to do list but when B called me at work and said "there's been an incidence in the living room, not sure who did it and not sure which end it came from" I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I wanted to tell him, he needed to call his father because I had a late meeting until at least 7pm, but I did not, when I walked in the house I really wished I had.  I will not gross you out with details of the crime scene but I'm pretty sure this is the culpret
B and I spent 1 hour trying to get the Bissell carpet cleaner to work to no avail, so I called and told Troy he needed to get a carpet cleaner on his way home and I would be in my studio trying to get the sad state of my carpet out of my mind. Looking forward to a new day!

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