Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fabric Collage for Lauritzen Garden Exhibit

Had a very productive weekend. Worked on the background of my cactus and finally found a sky fabric that looks awesome. I will start quilting this week so I will have both done by the due date of Oct 15th. Troy and I went to Mahogany Prime Steak House for our 16th anniversay and they gave us 4 roses, such a nice touch for a special occasion.
Went to Mangelsen's to look for sky fabric and found fabric to make new christmas stockings and Troy found an aluminum christmas tree on ebay for 50 bucks and its here is Bellevue - Score!!


Gracie had her girley sx this week and she is doing great, wouldn't even know she had anything done, the scar is pretty much invisable all the stitches are on the inside - Good work Dr May!

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