Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wow, I believe I have lost my marbles!

Our MFAA Exhibit is due on May 26th, which wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't decided to scrap the piece I've been working on for the last 10 months. That leaves me 19 days to design, assemble and quilt a new piece. I  originally was planning on doing a manatee, but I am not liking it at the moment, and not sure what it needs, guess I will have to sit on it awhile, but don't have that much time. So starting from scratch.

Gracie has figured out how to get off the deck to chase the birds, so I am making her stay in the house and she is mad at me. She will jump up on my lap about every 15 minutes and try to lick me to death thinking that I will change my mind and let her out. She also had a bath tonight which she wasn't very thrilled about. 

"Pees, let me go outdoors to chase the birdies!!!"

"I know daddy would let me get them birdies if he was here!!!!" "and he wouldn't have made me take a bath and get rid of the stink I have been working so hard on perfecting"
Hope every one has a great rest of the week, going to be 90 here tomorrow - right into summer woohooo!!

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