Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is it a sign? hear that? It's opportunity...knocking!  This was the post from my psychic today, it was also my 3rd sign that I need to really start thinking of my art as a way to support myself.
Scary? yes. Can I really do it?  yes???
I made a custom portfolio for myself and by the end of the day I have 3 orders and maybe a 4th, is that a sign? yes
New quilt store in Clarinda Ia, wants teachers, is that a sign? yes. My jobs a joke, was just thrown under the bus, is that a sign? yes
Ok, I guess its time to get off my ass and do something about this. 
Here are the portfolio's I am doing, custom orders, monogramed, pick your colors, take your real personality to that boring meeting and flash your swag! or whatever yur supposed to flash!

When God shuts one door, at least a window is open, might be small but its a start!

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